Loveless by Alice Oseman
Alice Oseman
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Mar 21, 2022

Loveless, by Alice Oseman, is a realistic fiction LGBTQ+ novel about a girl who is on a path of self-discovery. Georgia Warr is eighteen and hasn't had her first kiss nor has she had a crush but she's certain that one day she will. When she starts university with her best friends and has a roommate who she idolizes, she thinks that it is her time to find the person that she will spend the rest of her life with. She asks her roommate to help her but when Georgia's romance plans start to impact her friendships, she starts to wonder why romance is so difficult for her. As Georgia begins to discover herself, she starts to wonder whether she is meant to remain loveless forever or if she was searching for the wrong thing all along.

Loveless is a heart-warming book about trying to fit in and be accepted and will appeal to readers who identify with the main character's struggles. However, the overall writing leaves much to be desired. The main character can be difficult to like because she constantly makes insensitive decisions, almost her entire personality is based around her quest for love, and her perspective is not unique. The book offers little insight to what it means to aromantic-asexual but provides representation that is difficult to find elsewhere as the characters are diverse. I appreciated that the book did not discount platonic relationships and emphasizes the message that platonic relationships are not less valuable than romantic relationships. Finally, I loved that the book was uplifting, an easy read, and that the challenges the main character faced were each dealt with and not left unresolved.

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Rhea S.

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