Macbeth by William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
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Apr 24, 2023

Macbeth is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. Considered to be one of his
greatest plays, Macbeth is about heroic Scottish warrior Macbeth who starts to get taken
over by his ambition when three evil witches tell him that he is destined to become the king of

It’s said to be one of the greatest tragic stories of all time, and after reading it for ELA,
I have to say that I agree. Despite inspiring many famous stories in modern literature,
Macbeth still stands as an original work and has a compelling story that will have you on your
toes. This book revolves around Macbeth, and it’s truly amazing to see his transformation from
a gentlemen to a tyrant. While I love all the characters in this book, the one flaw I have with the
book is with Lady Macbeth. She feels like a shallow character to me, and I feel like she comes
out of nowhere, but that’s probably just me. Besides that, I think this book is amazing and is
certainly worth a try.



Written by
Nihanth D.

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