Monday's Not Coming

Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson
Tiffany D. Jackson
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Jul 20, 2022

Monday’s Not Coming is about Claudia, a girl who is the only one who cares about
where her best friend, Monday, disappeared. Claudia, coming back from summer break,
was looking forward to seeing Monday, but Monday never shows up. School, church,
her own home, nowhere to be seen. Whenever Claudia asks for answers, no one
seems concerned and tells her to mind her own business. But Claudia is concerned that
Monday might be in danger, real danger. She knew that Monday’s life wasn’t as good
as hers, but what happened? Digging more and more, Claudia finds out dangerous
secrets Monday had been keeping, but where is this all leading to.

This definitely became my favorite novel for a while, but it was a little heartbreaking and
scary for what the characters had dealt with at such a young age. I loved how unique
this novel was compared other novels I had read. I would recommend for those who like
a scare once in a while, but be prepared to read disturbing things that happen to
Claudia and Monday. I think this book was amazing and it definitely gave a lot of
messages. I would recommend to those who like suspenseful page-turners.


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