Ms. Bixby's Last Day

Ms. Bixby's Last Day by John David Anderson
John David Anderson
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Jun 19, 2021

Ms. Bixby’s Last Day, by John David Anderson, is about a mission of three boys to find their teacher. Ms. Bixby was an amazing teacher as Steve, Brand, and Topher have said multiple times in the book. The whole class loved Ms. Bixby, but Ms. Bixby got other plans. Ms. Bixby told the class that she had cancer, Adenocarcinoma, which means she will not be able to teach for the rest of the year. All the students were devastated when Ms. Bixby left, but not Steve, Brand, and Topher, or the three musketeers. They started figuring out a plan to meet Ms. Bixby before she leaves for Boston for her treatment. They find a perfect planned plan. Do you think that they will reach Ms. Bixby before she leaves? Read Ms. Bixby’s Last Day to find out!!

I loved this book!! I thought it was a really funny book with a lot of adventure. I really liked that the book had different points of views to interest the readers. I think that this book is good to read if you want to laugh out loud, and have a good time. This is a book you can read from around ages 7 to, well, 100. I think that this book is a definite 4 stars for the adventure, emotion, and just how much of an imagination we can have. I think that if love a teacher as much as these three boys love Ms. Bixby, then you should definitely read Ms. Bixby’s Last Day!!

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Sriha P.

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