Nancy Drew Ghost Stories

Nancy Drew Ghost Stories by Carolyn Keene
Carolyn Keene
Dec 30, 2021

This book has 6 different ghost stories. The main character in each book is Nancy Drew. She has to solve the mystery of The Campus Ghost, The Ghost Dogs of Whispering Oaks, Blackbeard’s Skull, The Ghost Jogger, The Curse of the Frog, and The Greenhouse Ghost. Nancy Drew doesn’t believe in ghosts but things like dogs that are dead coming back alive change Nancy Drew’s mind. These are six scary bone-chilling stories that you must read! A ghostlike professor haunts a lab, ghost dogs preserve fortunes in gold, pirates come from the dead to claim their treasure, a pleasant ghost assists them to rescue kidnapped children, a menacing fortune teller, and her cursed frog swindle people, and a ghostly orchid grower plots a scheme.

The best part of the book was that they kept the suspense of the book and made you attached to the book. My favorite ghost story was the The Ghost Dogs of Whispering Oaks. It was full of twists and turns like every Carolyn Keene Book. It isn’t the best Nancy Drew book but definitely a must-read. In my opinion, it isn’t very scary and could have had a better ending to each story. I would recommend this book to any Nancy Drew lover and kids who want to try reading a ghost story. There wasn't enough time to develop the plot or the characters, and so the only suspects we meet are obviously the culprits. I would've enjoyed a full-length book just centered around the ghost dogs because it's an interesting and spooky idea. So the book in my opinion deserves 3 stars.

Written by
Shayna S.

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