Neverseen by Shannon Messenger
Shannon Messenger
Jun 3, 2022

Neverseen by Shannon Messenger is the fourth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities fantasy series. In this book, Sophie and her friends are on the run. They are running out of time and people to trust, so now it is time to trust the possible enemy. With war emerging between the Intelligent Species, Sophie and her friends start to realize just how hard they will need to fight to win the battles that lay ahead. After being told so many lies, Sophie and her friends are beginning to doubt their original theories. Now they must figure out who is truly good and who is bad. Trusting the wrong people could end up being a deadly mistake. I like that this book introduces new characters and new friendships.  I also enjoy that this book begins to tell the story from other perspectives.  This series is full of shocking events and cliffhangers that leave me wanting more!

Written by
Victoria O.

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