Normal People

Normal People by Sally Rooney
Sally Rooney
Jan 31, 2022

Normal People follows the story of Connell and Marianne, who in high school were total opposites to the outside world, but secretly the same people. As they grow up, they simply can’t stay away from each other. Now for me, this is one of my favorite romance ‘tropes’. The ‘We hate that we love each other but can’t stay away from each other enough’. If you also like that, I 100% recommend this book. Aside from the story itself, the way Rooney writes is very different from any other author I’ve read and this is my first read by her as well. But I loved the style of writing, she made large jumps in the timeline of the story which I liked for this book, it helped get the bigger picture I think. Although I love this book as a whole, I’m rating it 4-4.5 stars simply because I didn’t love the ending. It left on a sort of cliffhanger and there wasn’t an epilogue either so it left me thinking and I have no idea which direction it would go in. Overall it was a very good book and I loved it.

Written by
Alyssa F.

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