The One

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Kiera Cass
Jan 22, 2021

In ​The One​, the third book of ​The Selection ​series and the final installment of the original trilogy, Kiera Cass has managed to write a book that I loved and also frustrates me to my core. While The Elite​ frustrated me because of things that seemed meaningless, this book frustrated me because there was almost too much happening. The ending felt like Cass was looking for an easy way to get rid of characters, and it seemed very choppy overall; however, I really enjoyed the epilogue.

Another thing that frustrated me was the main characters' actions. Maxon and America were so rash with their decisions when it came to each other that it was annoying, and Aspen's character was aggravating to begin with. Additionally, I don't understand the significance of Aspen and Lucy's relationship. I get that it was probably used to show that Aspen had moved on, but I find it disappointing that he couldn't have just respected America's need for space and her relationship with Maxon without Lucy.

The thing I enjoyed most about this book was the honesty it included and promoted. Until the end, it was Maxon and America's inability to be honest with one another and tell each other how they felt that kept them apart. This honesty also led to a lot of character growth for the remaining Elite. I appreciated the end to the cattiness and their newfound closeness with each other; it was probably my favorite part of the book.

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