One of Us is Lying

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Karen M. McManus
Jun 14, 2022

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus is mystery fiction. On a regular Monday afternoon, five completely different kids walk into detention. The brain, the beauty, the criminal, the athlete, and the outcast. Except Simon, the outcast, never makes it out of detention. During detention, Simon died and his death wasn’t an accident. The next day, Simon planned to leak juicy secrets about the four classmates, which makes them all suspects in his murder. And the only witnesses, the only people who know the truth of what happened in that room, are the four classmates. Brownwyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper must prove their alleged innocence fast and find the actual killer, or go down as the murderer of Simon. Everyone has secrets but how far are they willing to go to protect them? This book was incredible. There were so many plot twists. I loved the bonds formed between the characters. It was so fun to read and even more fun to try and guess the killer. This book had so many layers and I loved every single one of them. It was never boring and always so interesting. Certainly a 5/5!

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