Our Dark Duet

Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab
Victoria Schwab
Jul 11, 2021

Our Dark Duet is the sequel to This Savage Song. It’s been six months since August Flynn fell. Six months since Kate Harker fled V-City. Six months since the world they knew was ripped apart. Kate is working as a monster hunter in the neighboring territory of Prosperity, while August is learning to embrace his duty as a monster, reaping the souls of sinners in South Verity. Without the iron fist of Callum Harker gripped around North Verity, it has long since become the domain of Corsai and Malchai, monsters born out of violence and sin. But there’s a new monster in town, one that feeds on chaos and brings out the violent and destructive instincts in humans. So when the war between monster and human comes to a boiling point, what will be the thing that finally topples the people of Verity — the monsters in their streets, or the monsters in their heads?

This book broke me in the best way possible — it still astounds me how Victoria Schwab is able to craft such beautiful, heartbreaking stories. This book was, dare I say it, even better than the first in the duology. It was wickedly twisted and dark and rich and powerful. It had some of the best character development I have ever seen, and the complexity and relatability of the characters just made me fall in love with them. The ending was absolutely devastating and ripped out my heart, yet it could not have been more perfect. I would read this a thousand times over again (even though there’s nothing quite like a first read), and I cannot recommend it enough.

Written by
Lisa J.

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