Alexandra Bracken
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Jul 31, 2016

I love this book! Passenger, first in an anticipated series, centers around Etta, who is a seventeen year old New Yorker. She has focused her entire life on her violin career but is thrust into a time travel adventure full of family secrets, historical events, and romance.

Nicholas Carter is a fascinating character. He comes from colonial America, and is Etta’s partner as they travel on this journey. The chapters alternate between Nicholas’ point of view and Etta’s point of view, which highlights certain elements such as trust, memory, and humor, which makes the story all the more suspenseful.

I truly enjoyed learning about the characters' motivations and fears through this breathtaking adventure. Bracken beautifully balances the energy of adventure with character emotions. I will say, the time travel aspect does get a bit confusing and I re-read some scenes to make sure I understood what was happening. In addition, some other reviews stated that the beginning of the book does move slowly, but I am definitely glad I did not give up on this book because of the beginning chapter. I had not read any of Bracken's books before, but I really loved this one and definitely look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

Written by Megan K.

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