Patron Saints of Nothing

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay
Randy Ribay
Dec 5, 2019

Jay Reguero, a Filipino-American high-school senior, is living a comfortably mundane life in Michigan. When he learns of his cousin and childhood best friend Jun's murder as a part of Duterre's drug war, regret and a thirst for truth propels him to travel to Manila to discover the truth of Jun’s suspicious death. This poignantly written novel about identity, loss, and heritage will touch hearts everywhere - a must-read for any age!

As one of the "hyphenated" (Peruvian-American), this book touched my heart. The guilt the main protagonist feels for his comfortable life in America and his conflicts of not feeling "Filipino enough" deeply resonated with me and my personal struggles. Words can not express how much I loved this book - thank you, Mr. Ribay for this beautiful story of identity and heritage!

Written by
Natalie A. from MO YA Lit Council

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