The People We Choose

The People We Choose by Katelyn Detweiler
Katelyn Detweiler
Oct 6, 2021

Calliope Silversmith is a 17 year old girl who lives in Pennsylvania town. She is used to living in the woods, having two moms, and having two friends, Ginger and Noah. She has always wondered who her sperm donor was, until a boy named Max moves into the old house across from them. After spending time with Max, she realizes that it’s nice to know someone new. Then Calliope finds out that Max’s father is her sperm donor.  She is utterly shocked and she reevaluates her friendship with Max.

The title for The People We Choose is a very good fit for the story. In the book, Calliope comes to understand that her family consists of the people that she’s born with and the ones that she chooses. There were many emotions that I felt while reading this book; the author did a good job at enticing the readers to feel emotion. I like the friendship and family in the story. The only part I didn’t seem to like is how Calliope quickly dismissed her feelings for Max, considering how she described her feelings for him.  The cover seems rather plain, but I do like the forest in the background, considering how they live in a forest. If you like themes of friendship, family, and self-discovery this book surely has them.

Written by
Marium K.

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