The People We Meet on Vacation

The People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
Emily Henry
May 24, 2022

The People We Meet on Vacation is a romance novel by Emily Henry. Poppy, the narrator, is an adventurous and driven blogger who also works for a travel magazine, while her best friend Alex is an anxious gym rat who has an English degree and likes staying inside. Ever since they met in college, they’ve taken a fun-filled annual summer vacation together... until two years ago in Croatia. Something happened between them, and they’ve barely spoken since. But while talking with another friend, Poppy realizes that she’s never been truly happy since those vacations together. She starts texting Alex again, and they organize a quick summer trip. They spend hours and hours together, but something unexpected begins rising to the surface. Poppy can’t stop thinking about Alex...and the possibility of being something other than friends.

I thought this book was alright. It wasn’t that great but it wasn’t bad. I thought the dynamic between Poppy and Alex was pretty cute and that all their vacations sounded amazing. It really made me ready for summer break. I thought the end of the book started dragging a little though, and I wished the characters would just get together and have an actual conversation instead of avoiding each other. Overall though, it was somewhat enjoyable. I would recommend it to anyone ready for a vacation or who likes contemporary romances.

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