Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly
Jennifer Donnelly
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Jul 3, 2021

Poisoned brings an interesting alternative plot line to the classic fairytale Snow White. Sophie is both compassionate and the heir to her father’s throne. Her stepmother shares different ideas when it comes to ruling. She orders for the hunter to bring back Sophie’s heart. Unlike the traditional tale, the hunter accomplishes his task. Sophie is thankfully saved by many mysterious strangers that she meets along the way. She of course has also saved many creatures of sorts, and many of them return the favor. Sophie must learn to gather enough courage to defeat a yet strong and dangerous enemy.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It is truly very different from the original fairytale most of us are told as children. I found this novel to be very intriguing, and I couldn’t ever seem to be able to predict the next event. This novel was filled with many twists and turns as well as surprises. I loved Sophie’s character development throughout the novel. I would recommend this to anyone who loves fairytales!

Written by
Sarah J.

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