The Princess Bride

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William Goldman
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Jan 4, 2021

William Goldman’s ​The Princess Bride​ is a story of true love, revenge, and adventure. Buttercup, a farm girl forced into royalty by her husband-to-be, Prince Humperdinck, is kidnapped by an evil genius, a giant, and the most talented swordsman in the world. Westley, Buttercup’s thought to be dead true love, must save her from her three kidnappers and her unwanted husband.

In this novel, Goldman perfectly blends fiction and reality until it seems that everything in the story must be true. Goldman’s writing is truly genius; the language he uses is flawless, and his story within a story is brilliant.

I picked up this book after seeing the movie, and it did not disappoint; I believe ​The Princess Bride​ will be a longtime favorite of mine. ​The Princess Bride​ is a timeless tale for all ages that never ceases to bring the reader into a world of excitement

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Taylor E.

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