The Queen of Nothing

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
Holly Black
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Mar 29, 2022

The final novel in Holly Black’s, The Folk of the Air trilogy, The Queen of Nothing, is fast-paced and unexpected. Jude, the Queen of Faerie, has been exiled, but she must risk everything and return to the Faerie Court to save her sister. Elfhame is different, stuck deep within a brewing war, and crossing over from the mortal world will trap Jude in a world of sensitive politics. The ending of this book felt rushed and somewhat incomplete, but the rest of the novel was fantastic. I love Jude so much; she is cunning, courageous, determined, and one of the best female characters to ever exist. Once again, Black explores deep, complex relationships, and the book is filled with unforeseen twists.

Written by
Taylor E.

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