The Queen of Nothing

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
Holly Black
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Jun 12, 2022

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black is fantasy fiction and the third book in the series. Jude releases her control over Cardan for immeasurable power, who in realty exiles her. Now as the exiled queen of Faerie, Jude must plan from the mortal world. She makes many deals, faces great dangers, and find her way back to Faerie. But she must hide. There is war brewing; she must confront Cardan, sneak into enemy lines, and becomes entwined in the deadly politics. And when a powerful curse unleashes and panic rises, Jude must choose between her humanity and her power. This book was great! It was a great way to end this amazing series. I absolutely loved the character development and plot twists through this book. I especially adored everything about Cardan and Jude. The writing had depth, it wasn’t just words. Overall, Holly Black did another beautiful job with this book. Definitely a 5/5!

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