Real, Not Perfect

Real, Not Perfect by Stephanie Coleman
Stephanie Coleman
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Sep 23, 2021

Real, Not Perfect is a book that will definitely stir up feelings of hope and optimism in your soul. Tessa, an only child, seems to have a perfect life. She has good grades, she is adored by her parents, and she is active in her swim team and in church group. But, it all falls apart when she finds out her parents are divorcing, her best friend moves away, and she gets stuck in an unbearable drama class. She soon makes friends in her drama class that help her see the brighter side of life.

This book really brings light to situations that often happen in real life. I like how the author makes Tessa, the main character, seem realistic. Tessa starts to hide her true feelings from her friends when she is dealing with her hard situations. This book teaches us how it’s okay to feel bad sometimes, and how it’s a part of becoming stronger. The cover matches the book pretty well; it shows how Tessa is dealing with what she’s feeling. I felt a rollercoaster of emotions while reading this book, mostly good ones. If you are looking to cry, laugh, and smile all at the same book, this is the choice for you!

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Marium K.

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