Reboot by Amy Tintera
Amy Tintera
Jun 14, 2021

Reboot is truly an amazing story put together by the magical hands of Amy Tintera. There is nothing I love more than settling in on my couch and reading books for hours. A mix of drama, love, action, this book will certainly draw your eye. This book is rated 6th grade and above.

“One day I died. 178 minutes later I woke up. The more minutes you’ve been dead before you got rebooted, the more robotic and stronger you are but everything comes with a price: you get very un-human like. I am a 178 I don’t feel emotion. I am Wren, the highest number in my reboot camp or prison, and am an agile fighter and a fast runner and basically a superhuman. I go on missions where either HARC wants me to kill or capture. My favorite part is the chase. My least favorite when they scream and they all scream...”

This book is truly a must-read no doubt so try your best to get your hands on this book. It is available online and in your local libraries. I rate this an 8/10.

Written by
Smayan K.

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