Relish: My Life In The Kitchen

Lucy Knisley
Dec 20, 2013

The smell of baking cookies brings back memories of mother's kitchen...Biting into a fresh tomato recalls the garden behind your childhood home...Watching the yellow powder and milk combine to create delicious macaroni and cheese reminds you of your first apartment. For author Lucy Knisley, as for many of us, food is a trip down memory lane. With a caterer mother and foodie father, her life has been defined and marked by some of the best (and worst food).

A graphic memoir, this book touches on the food that has shaped her life, from sushi visiting a childhood friend in Japan to the junk food her parents never allowed. A wonderful, and mouthwatering, read for anyone who loves to eat or cook the book also includes about 10 recipes for childhood favorites like cookies, pickles, sushi, and more!

Written by Kate M.

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