The School For Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
Soman Chainani
Apr 15, 2021

The School for Good and Evil​ is the first book in a series of the same name by Soman Chainani. This is a middle-grade fantasy novel that follows two girls in their early teens as they are taken from their hometown and thrust into a school to learn to become either good or evil. Although this is a middle-grade book, it has some more mature themes and insinuating moments in the dialogue.

Agatha is a great role model for young girls; she's loyal, brave, smart, dedicated, and good, but Sophie's character is worrisome. The overarching theme is to not judge a book by its cover, but Sophie isn't a great example of that. However obvious it may seem that Sophie is not meant to be idolized, even though she turns out to be evil, she still gets a semi-happy ending, which doesn't project a clear message. The idea behind this book was enjoyable, and the execution was entertaining; its message is just a little confusing at times.

Written by
Taylor E.

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