Shazam! movie
Oct 21, 2021

SHAZAM! is an amazing movie with comedy, action, suspense, and family. SHAZAM! is about a kid named Billy Batson who gets adopted by multiple group homes but always runs away from them to find his mom. He pushes everyone away because he is scared to let anyone in. My favorite part about SHAZAM! is DC’s form of Billy Batson in this movie. Regularly Billy Batson is supposed to be a kind, respectful, and courageous kid who wants to protect people but in SHAZAM! they made him have a self vs. self conflict to make himself understand that he is a hero. The movie starts with Billy becoming SHAZAM! because THE 6 DEADLY SINS broke out. Whenever Billy says SHAZAM! he turns into a superhero who must save the world from the sins. I had an amazing time watching this movie and I recommend this movie to fans of comedy and DC movies because this is an amazing and funny movie to spend two hours on.

Written by
Aryan C.

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