Sherwood by Meagan Spooner
Meagan Spooner
Apr 23, 2021

When Robin of Locksley dies in the Crusades, Lady Marian of Edwinstowe is left without her best friend in a world that expects her to be little, quiet, and defenseless—everything she is not. While trying to help her maid’s brother, Marian is mistaken for the dead Robin— and she doesn’t correct them. With taxes rising to pay for the King’s crusade and the people of Robin’s land starving, Marian teams up with outlaws Will, Alan, and John under her new identity to do as she believes Robin would have done to help his people. But as she continues her act, it gets harder and harder to hide her identity as the supposedly dainty Maid Marian from both her men and from Sir Guy Gisborne, who is determined to marry Marian and carry out the law that demands Robin Hood be put to death.

I loved this book’s amazing depiction of a woman who forgets to look where she’s going as she tries to step out from what she is expected to be. I enjoyed reading about Marian’s complex feelings as she tries to do the right thing and be accepted for who she is.

Written by
Micaela R.

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