The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller
Apr 19, 2022

The Song of Achilles, written by Madeline Miller, is a fictional romance novel, set in ancient Greece. Set from the point of view of Patroclus, a young boy exiled from his home to the kingdom of the young prince Achilles, whose mother is a small god. Patroclus is one of the many boys Achilles’ father has taken in, but as Patroclus and Achilles become closer, Patroclus becomes his right-hand man. Achilles is everything Patroclus is not, strong, smart, and charismatic. The boys grow up together, when Achilles is sent to Chiron to train, Patroclus follows. Achilles is sent to another kingdom by his mother, and Patroclus tracks him there. The boys fall in love through their adventures, a relationship which they had to keep a secret. When Achilles is forced to lead the war against the Trojans, Patroclus is right by his side. A beautiful tragic retelling of the famous warrior Achilles. I loved the entire book, it was highly emotional and touching. The pacing was a little fast, but it was wonderful to read about Patroclus’ life from beginning to end.

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Kendal A.

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