Storm Front

Storm Front by Jim Butcher
Jim Butcher
Aug 13, 2022

Summary: Harry Dresden is a detective wizard living in Chicago. Having difficulty paying
rent, he eagerly takes a job from a woman named Monica Sells, asking him to find her husband
who disappeared while dabbling in magic. What at first seems like a simple case though soon
turns into something far more dangerous than Harry could’ve imagined.

Somebody: Harry Dresden, Karrin Murphy
Wants: Harry wants to find Victor Sells. Karrin wants to learn who is murdering people in
Chicago using dark magic.
But: When Harry begins looking into the disappearance of Victor, alongside the strange
magic murders, he finds people from all sides breathing down his neck. Johnny Marcone, the
White Council, and the police department all seem determined to stop him from doing his job.
So: Harry learns of a drug called ThreeEye that could possibly allow someone in
Chicago to use magic powerful enough to commit the magic murders. He eventually connects
the dots, and realizes the man behind the drug distribution is Victor Sells.
Then: After battling his friend Murphy, Morgan from the White Council, and a giant
Scorpion, Harry makes it to Victor Sells. The man summons a demon, and after a climactic
battle, Harry comes out victorious, solving the mystery and saving the day.

Opinion: Storm Front is a great murder mystery with a magic system that manages to be
both simple and intriguing. On top of that, the character dynamics are realistic and fun to watch,
and the plot keeps up at a steady pace and ends with a thrilling climax. The book is simply
great, and I’d recommend it to all murder mystery fans, fantasy or no.

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