Switch by A.S. King
A.S. King
Oct 6, 2021

Meet Tru Beck, a girl that lives in a parallel universe where time has stopped.  After time had stopped, her father discovers a new switch in their house; and he decides to build many, many boxes around this switch. In Tru’s school, there is a new class where students have to figure out how to solve the frozen time problem. Tru has no interest in this, but she does think it’s interesting how she threw a javelin farther than anyone has in history. Tru and family are trying to stick together amid the time stopping situation.

This book is written similar to poetry; it isn’t written like how a normal book would be written. There are many stops in the book that makes it confusing to read. The plot is pretty original, but the story just seems surreal. I don’t really like how this story is written out, I feel like it could be edited more by the publisher. Most of the characters don’t really seem relatable to me. The only characters I could understand were Tru and her dad. They both just want the best for their family. I like how the cover shows houses tumbling over and foreshadows what will happen in the book.  This book raised many questions to me while reading the story. If you like fantasy stories, and want to be engaged by way of writing, this book is a good fit for you.

Written by
Marium K.

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