Through the Dark

Through the Dark
Alexandra Bracken
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Jun 1, 2023

Through the Dark is a collection of stories that were mentioned (but not explained) in the Darkest Minds trilogy. I feel like I was a bit too critical going into this book as I don’t really like side-books to series, but this collection of stories was actually very good. The stories included in this collection are like actual stories from minor (but also kind of huge) gaps in the series. The stories in the book were about Sam & Lucas (that one Red guard Sam was always staring at), Zu’s journey with Gabe, and Sam (plus Ruby & the gang) saving Lucas (which was set in a setting after the end of the third book).

All of the stories were very interesting and they all actually were related to the general storyline in the book. I loved all three of the stories and all of the new characters who were well introduced. It was also interesting to see things from the perspective of other kids and not just Ruby. I thought this was a very good collection of stories and a very thrilling side novel to the Darkest Minds series. I recommend this to people who enjoyed the Darkest Minds trilogy. 

Written by
Basil Park

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