In the Time of the Butterflies

In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez
Julia Alvarez
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Dec 8, 2022

It follows the four Mirabal sisters who were very different from each other, but have the desire
for change in common. In a time of dictatorship and uncertainty, they found the courage to start a
revolution. Despite the risk of being imprisoned or killed by Trujillo, the dictator in the
Dominican Republic in the mid 1900’s. The Mirabal sisters have left a lasting impact on people
to this day including the importance of speaking out against repression, which is apparent in
many revolutions. During this time women were supposed to be submissive followers, the
Mirabal sisters decided to break those gender roles and start a revolution for the greater good.
Three of the sisters unfortunately did not get to see the end of Trujillo’s dictatorship due to their
passing but they caused the start of the revolution and a new role for women in the fight for
change. I loved this book because it was inspiring to read about how the Mirabal sisters did not
care for the tiny boxes women were put in at the time and how they shattered all glass ceilings
and surged a revolution up. I recommend this book to anyone because it has elements that
everyone may like.

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Aubrie C.

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