The Transfer

The Transfer by Veronica Roth
Veronica Roth
Apr 7, 2021

The Transfer​ is a novella in Veronica Roth’s ​Divergent​ series. This novella highlights a different side of Tobias as Roth provides more insight into who he was before becoming Dauntless. While no new information about his past was presented, this story really emphasizes how much Tobias grew from the time he transferred from Abnegation to ​Divergent​. Rather than showcasing the same reserved yet assertive demeanor that he has in ​Divergent​, Tobias is smaller and doesn’t quite know how to manage his fear yet. Furthermore, it was interesting to see Tobias begin to take control of his life once he assumed the name “Four,” showing how much power that name holds for him. I really enjoyed this new perspective on Tobias’ character.

Written by
Taylor E.

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