Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Stephanie Meyer
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Aug 12, 2022

Twilight is perhaps the quintessential YA romance novel, notorious for its movie
adaptation and public division over the love interests. Bella Swan has just left her big-city life in
Phoenix to join her father in the small forested town of Forks, Washington. Not even past the
first day of school, she begins to notice odd things - like the pale and beautiful but isolated
family that is the Cullens. Especially Edward Cullen - who seems completely infuriated and
disgusted by her for no apparent reason. But she feels strangely drawn to him, and after he
saves her life with inhuman strength and speed she can’t seem to keep away. Despite his
warnings, their lives become intertwined, bringing her unprecedented happiness as well as
terrible danger.

This book had a somewhat interesting story and was definitely a completely new thing at
the time it was released. However, now it feels like a poor imitation of other, better-written YA
romances. Some of the plot felt poorly thought out and nonsensical, and a lot of the dialogue
was awkward and odd. Regardless, I think it’s definitely worth a read, at least to know what
everyone’s referencing and to have a laugh at some of the weirder parts. I give it a two out of
five stars.

Written by
Mariam S.

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