Lisa Bergren
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Apr 9, 2015

Gabi and Lia Bentarrini are two teenage girls who will be spending the summer in Italy.  That sounds pretty good until they realize that they'll be spending it with their mother—on the archeological site of an old medieval castle—in the middle of nowhere.  Boredom leads the girls to explore an ancient tomb which is strictly off limits.  Inside, Gabi sees a hand print on the wall and wonders if her hand will fit.  Seconds later, Gabi's head is spinning and she falls to the ground, realizing Lia is no longer with her in the tomb. Frightened, she looks around but hears only the sounds of battle just outside.  Gabi can't believe her eyes.  There are knights in armor, swords, and a field of angry men with the gleam of blood in their eyes.

Waterfall is the first book in the River of Time series, followed by Cascade, and Torrent. An enormously successful time-travel series full of fun, adventure, and just a little bit of sweet romance.  You’ll fall in love with the people of this medieval time and learn their daily routine as Gabi tries to discover both how to get home and to learn what has happened to Lia.  You won’t want to stop reading until you know!

Written by Margaret O.

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