Into the Wild

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Jon Krakauer
Apr 7, 2022

The book begins with the finding of Chris McCandless’ body by Alaskan hunters. Chris McCandless changed his name after college and traveled to Alaska to start his journey. In Alaska he gets rid of all materialistic things such as money. He goes to Alaska to explore and be present with nature. The book gets accounts from the people he met while in Alaska and his family back home. The book poses a debate about if he was suicidal going on his journey to Alaska or not. He was not prepared for his journey but was this because he was wanting to not have anything materialistic or if it was a suicide mission. This book makes you walk in the shoes of Chris and makes you think like him. I recommend this book to anyone who is open minded and who wants to explore different ways of living.

Written by
Aubrie C.

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