You Asked for Perfect

You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman
Laura Silverman
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Apr 1, 2019

Ariel Stone is the epitome of a perfect student: he takes AP classes, volunteers, and plays first chair in the school orchestra. However, when his classes start to push him past his breaking point, he finds that sacrificing his health and relationships isn't giving him the same satisfaction and results it once did.

Ariel was such a relatable character that helped me realize the importance of placing one’s mental health over work and school. Ariel’s story is a fantastic reminder and warning to high-achieving students of what can happen when you do not take the time to focus on one’s mental health. The way Ariel’s situation was was very realistic and insightful, providing good solutions to the problems he faced. I also enjoyed the LGBTQ+ aspect of this book. It was so normal for characters to be dating other people, even if they were both male or both female. It was realistic and refreshing to see LGBTQ+ relationships handled in such a nonchalant manner without making a large portion of the book about coming out.

Written by
Ashley H From Leawood YAAC

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