You Will be Mine

You Will Be Mine by Natasha Preston
Natasha Preston
Jul 26, 2022

You Will be Mine by Natasha Preston, is a thriller about a teen named Lyla
who is apart of a horrific murder disaster. Lyla and her friends all share a
dorm, and they really enjoy it until they receive a note. Which oddly enough
is addressed to one of her roommates, Sonny. Nobody think much of it until
Sonny disappears that night and is brutally murdered the next day. One by
one the roommate start becoming victims, and Lyla might be next.
Natasha Preston is really gifted at writing and I loved this book. It was so
eventful and she always gives you a plot twist at the end. I liked the main
character Lyla and the book was really addicting. I would rate 5/5.


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Teen Book Reviewer

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