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scenes from the book

Demon Copperhead

By Kingsolver, Barbara
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Rated by Cheryl M.
Jan 18, 2038


Imagine you want to write about the opioid epidemic in Appalachia, a place you are from and have loved your whole life. Then imagine you are on a book tour in England and stay in Charles Dickens’s house, Bleak House, and you sit at his desk and lay your head down and ask the master writer, how? And you receive the answer, “let the orphan tell the story.” And with that, Demon Copperhead, a retelling of David Copperfield, is born. 

Staff Review
Cover of Yellowface by R.F. Kuang

Yellowface by R. F. Kuang

By R. F. Kuang
Star Rating

Rated by Allison M
May 11, 2023

R. F. Kuang is known for her fantasy novels but steps outside of the genre in this satirical, unreliable-narrator novel. Yellowface is, if nothing else, a compulsively interesting read. Some of the Goodreads reviews are pretty divided on it, which I think is testament to the complexity of the satire that R. F. Kuang has introduced. Kuang, who is Chinese-American, writes from the perspective of a white woman whose friend is a successful Asian writer.

Latest Local Music

May 23, 2023

Seolhee Snow Kim is an accomplished composer currently pursuing graduate studies at the University of Kansas. She writes music for a variety of ensembles with an aim to represent the inspiration she finds in art, nature, and the world we live in. We are delighted to share some of her music and this interview, where she talks about what inspires her and how she creates. 

Please introduce yourself and describe your music for new listeners.      

Apr 17, 2023

A multitalented musician, performer and songwriter who has been studying music since the third grade, Jass R. Couch, AKA Jass, is a widely respected solo artist at home in Kansas City and abroad. Her most recent album, 2020's At the Close of a Decade, helped land her music on the Peacock original series Bel-Air. Enjoy our interview with Jass about this experience, her creative practice and what fans can expect in the months to come.


You’re a songwriter, singer, instrumentalist and performer. Which of these started first for you?

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