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Johnson County Library loves local writers! We are committed to supporting writers at each stage of their career, and as such offer a variety of programs, resources, and opportunities to help each writer develop their craft and grow their portfolio.

If you are a writer in the Johnson County, Kansas area, we want to meet you! What you write doesn’t matter (we love every genre!), but reading your work, providing resources to help you write, and helping to create a rich community of writers does.

This section of the Johnson County Library website contains information about upcoming programs, links to opportunities to share your writing (like our very own contests and blog) and celebrates local writers whose work we love.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event, and we welcome your feedback so we can continue to offer programs and resources that make a difference to you.

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Scheduled: Thu, 05/4/23 - 9:48 am

Volume is an annual publication; part anthology and part journal that showcases the work of local writers and artists.

Call for Submissions to Volume 6

The Local Writers Committee is calling for submissions of writing and art for Volume 6. Volume is an annual publication; part anthology and part journal that showcases the work of local writers and artists. This printed, spiral bound, easy-to-carry publication aims to both celebrate KC writers and artists in and around Johnson County while also inspiring others to create, submit, and celebrate their own work.

Enter your writing or art to be included in our Volume 6 Notebook, which will be distributed at our 8th annual Writers Conference. 

Many of Johnson County Library’s writing programs have


Upcoming Events

Two Writers / Ten Questions with Corinne Corley and Linzi Garcia, Moderated by Will Leathem   
Wednesday, May 17, 6:30 p.m.   
Central Resource Library   

You Should Be a Writer with Corinne Corley and Linzi Garcia  
Thursday, May 18, 6:30 p.m.   
Central Resource Library

You Should Be a Writer Workshop with Corinne Corley and Linzi Garcia 
Saturday, May 20, 9 a.m. 
Central Resource Library

JoCoWrites Blog

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What's in Your Garden? Springtime. A time of new growth, new beginnings. What seeds would you like to plant now and watch grow? Would you plant awareness, learning to bake, patience? What have you been wanting to start – writing a book, taking walks, getting more sleep? What is it you’d like to cultivate this year?

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Writing Contests

Our writing contests award each winner with a $200 honorarium and the chance to read their work at an upcoming event. Our current contest prompt is:

Cycles (Borrowed with admiration from elementia)


From the biological life cycle to seemingly unbreakable habits, we are surrounded by cycles.

Everything has a beginning and an end, but what about the in between? Is it possible to escape a cycle? What cycles do we see perpetuate for generations? How do events cycle through history as it “repeats itself”? Where do we see cycles within cycles?

What about the beliefs held as a society? Explore the cycles your identity was born of. Describe the cycles that should have been broken by now. Search for loopholes and travel through them. Which cycles are you trying to break and why?

Share with us what the cycles in your life mean to you.

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