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Johnson County Library loves local writers! We are committed to supporting writers at each stage of their career, and as such offer a variety of programs, resources, and opportunities to help each writer develop their craft and grow their portfolio.

If you are a writer in the Johnson County, Kansas area, we want to meet you! What you write doesn’t matter (we love every genre!), but reading your work, providing resources to help you write, and helping to create a rich community of writers does.

This section of the Johnson County Library website contains information about upcoming programs, links to opportunities to share your writing (like our very own contests and blog) and celebrates local writers whose work we love.

We hope to see you at an upcoming event, and we welcome your feedback so we can continue to offer programs and resources that make a difference to you.

What's New

Scheduled: Thu, 09/22/22 - 4:11 pm

Meet the Presenter: Brendan Kiely

I first met Brendan Kiely on Twitter. I knew of his work, notably the New York Times Bestselling All American Boys, which he co-wrote with Jason Reynolds. But when I saw him getting out of an elevator in in Rochester, New York (I was there moving my oldest into a dorm room), I was too shy to say hello. So I did what shy writers do: I tweeted him.

And he was gracious and kind and told me that the next time we crossed paths, I should say hello. Little did I know how soon that next time would happen: I met him for real at the Solstice Low Residency MFA Program, where I was an MFA candidate and he was a new faculty member, teaching Writing for Young Adults.

Upcoming Events

The 2022 Writers Conference will be Thursday, Nov. 17 - Sunday, Nov. 20.
The Conference Website is under construction and will be up soon! Check back for details.

Writers Conference

Writers Conference PreGame
Thursday, September 22, 6:30 - 8p.m.
Central Resource Library, Carmack Community Room

Excited for the November Writers Conference? Us too!

We’re so excited, in fact, that we can’t wait until November to start! If you also want to get a head start, join us for our first-ever Writers Conference Pregame. You can meet fellow writers and conference planners, review session descriptions, register, and pick up a free copy of our conference book, Creative Acts for Curious People: How to Think, Create, and Lead in Unconventional Ways by Sarah Stein Greenberg (as supplies last). Some of our faculty will join us (either in-person or virtually), and maybe we’ll enjoy some quick writing games.  

It’ll be fun . . . we promise!

JoCoWrites Blog

Next up on the JocoWrites Blog:

The conference planning committee chose Creative Acts for Curious People: How to Think, Create, and Lead in Unconventional Ways by Sarah Stein Greenberg with an eye towards jump-starting your creativity before, during, and after the 2022 conference.  ​

To that end, we invite you to choose an exercise that inspires you and respond by posting to See what’s resonating with others at ​

We’ll pick our favorites and extend an invitation to read at the Thursday, November 17 kickoff. Readers will be joined by faculty and conference planners.

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Writing Contests

Every month we host a new contest with prizes including a$200 honorarium and an invitation to read at a Library event.

The end of August brings our contest theme,Oceans of Possibility, to a close. We asked you to tell us all the ways water inspires or limits you, how it shapes your work or family life.

In September, we’re featuring the work of Patricia Streeper at the Central Resource Library, and asking you to respond ekphrastically. Never tried your hand at ekphrastic writing? Not to worry . . . help is on the way.

A series of paintings by Streeper

Anne-Marie Oomen will offer a virtual craft talk on Wednesday, September 28, followed by a virtual workshop on Saturday morning, October 1. Check the Calendar of Events for details.

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In September, we’re featuring the work of Patricia Streeper at the Central Resource Library, and asking you to respond ekphrastically.

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