An Accidental Athlete: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Middle Age

John "The Penguin" Bingham
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Oct 17, 2011

Would my review seem unprofessional if I simply said, “I la-la-la-loooooved this book” and left it at that? John Bingham recounts his transformation from a child who played for the sheer joy of it to a small and un-athletic high school music geek, desperate to be one of the cool school athletes. He then recounts his next transformation, from an over-weight, beer-swilling, chain-smoker to an “adult onset athlete,” running simply for the joy of it. Most of us can relate to the crushing disappointments and humiliations inherent to competitive sports. While An Accidental Athlete focuses on athletics, the journey he recounts inspires readers to revive forgotten passions, athletic or otherwise.

Reviewed by Helen H.
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