All That's Left to Tell

Daniel Lowe
Apr 2, 2017

Sometimes you begin a book, and you know after a few chapters that the book is "reading you" instead of you reading the book. It hits your core hard and churns stuff up, compelling you to turn pages. All That's Left to Tell is such a book, and it's Daniel Lowe's debut at that. From its first sentence to its last, it doesn't let go--making you question your own life and choices. Do we choose? Or does life choose for us? Is there a difference? What motivates a hostage? Or a kidnapper?

Marc and Claire are a father and a daughter. Josephine is both a truth-teller and a liar. Set in the chaotic country of Pakistan, the novel is the story of family, a road trip, and a holding cell, each told as a story within a story that takes the reader on an inner journey through grief like a spiral. Lowe's lyrical writing is hauntingly beautiful. That alone would make it a great read, but because of its timely subject and setting, this novel would spark a great discussion for a book group. There is a Reading Group Guide available at I hope Mr. Lowe is working on his next book. I am a new fan.

Written by Cheryl M.

I studied Tae Kwon Do in my 40's. I earned my first degree black belt when I was 45 and my second degree black belt when I was 47.