Buddha by Deepak Chopra

May 19, 2011

Buddha by Deepak Chopra

Once again, Chopra brings to life an historic figure of faith, giving us a view of the humanity, the struggles and the triumphs of Buddha. It is a fascinating story of Prince Siddhartha, who takes on the monk’s life as Gautama, and eventually becomes Buddha, the enlightened one. We become acquainted with the key individuals in Buddha’s life - his father, King Suddhodana; his wife, Yashodhara; their son, Rahula; his archenemy, Devadatta; and his close friend, Channa.

I enjoyed the story – was entertained and learned some things – what I love about historical fiction! I feel I now have some understanding of this important figure in religious history. There is an epilogue and 6 page practical guide to Buddhism which I found to be useful. And Chopra’s storytelling skills are excellent, plenty of intrigue with the conflict between Siddhartha and Devdatta. I have also read Chopra’s novels about Jesus and Muhammad and found them all fast paced and easy to read.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical biographical novels, is interested in Buddha or Buddhism, or who would just like to be entertained by an inspiring story.

Written by Sandra S.