Dear Committee Members

Julie Schumacher
Jul 27, 2015

In Dear Committee Members, Schumacher puts a delightful twist on the epistolary novel. The story is told completely through LORs (Letters of Recommendation) written by a washed-up professor still teaching in “the wake of the deliberate gutting of the liberal arts, English in particular, in favor of the technological sciences…which the faceless gremlins…have condemned to indigence and ruin.”

Totally one-sided, Shumacher still paints a vivid picture of both the personal and professional life of Jason Fitger. With an ex-wife, ex-lover and trail of irritated colleagues in his wake, Fitger reveals his past mistakes, current frustrations, and ultimately his true character.

Despite its dainty 180 pages, I read Dear Committee Members over several days. The LORs are too witty, savory, and quite frankly, too close to home to enjoy in one sitting. Think movies like Office Space and Idiocracy and you might understand the pit of despair from which Fitger lobs his recommendations.

Written by Helen H.

I adore furry faces.