Eight Hundred Grapes

Laura Dave
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Aug 5, 2015

Eight Hundred Grapes, the number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine, is a story about relationships – with spouses, fiancés, family, self, and home.

Georgia Ford is certain she’s made the right choices for herself. She has a stable job and a fiancé who really seems to understand her. They’re about to move to London to her dream house and neighborhood, where she can build a life for herself away from the tumult and uncertainty of her family and the family business - a vineyard in Northern California.

So why does it all seem to be falling apart days before her wedding? Can Georgia, who has always been the fixer in her family, fix her own life as well as her parents’ and brothers’ lives? Especially since no one can agree on what needs fixing.

Fans of Maeve Binchy may appreciate the family drama in Eight Hundred Grapes.

Written by Diane H.

Corinth was my neighborhood library when I was a kid.