Home to Harmony

Philip Gulley
Sep 10, 2014

Philip Gulley's Home to Harmony is the first book in the Harmony series in which Sam Gardner, Quaker Minister, has returned to his hometown of Harmony, Indiana to assume the pulpit. Gulley uses a folksy writing style to share the joys, frustrations, humor, and outrageous predicaments encountered in a small community church. The story of Sam and his parishioners is told through a collection of vignettes, each which can stand on its own; but all are woven together expertly by Gulley to paint a pleasant, funny, and poignant picture of the dilemmas and rewards of pastoring a small congregation. Gulley's strength in tying Sam's experiences to basic truths about human behavior, Christianity, and personal and spiritual growth makes Home to Harmony a worthy read. While often compared to Garrison Keillor's storytelling or Jan Karon's Mitford series, Gulley seems to provide a little "Chicken Soup for the Minister's Soul.

Written by Ellen W.