Horror Boot Camp

Feb 27, 2013

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During the month of March we'll be discussing Horror. As one leg of the tripod of speculative fiction, the primary function of horror is to elicit feelings of fear from the reader.  This is achieved through an atmosphere of menace with a dark and foreboding tone. While this can be mundane in nature, it frequently dips into the supernatural or paranormal to access the natural human fear of the unknown.

The use of graphic violence, strong language and explicit sexual content are used to enhance the effect of the supernatural while unexpected incidents jolt the reader, keep the story moving, and heighten the impact of the story. Often, the ending is unresolved and the Horror continues to live on in temporary retreat.

The protagonists are often haunted, shattered individuals while the antagonists are always sinister whether real or imaginary.

Therefore, Horror novels could be considered stories of nightmares come to life complete with monsters and the unexpected.

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Reviewed by Helen H.
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