Let your Body Interpret your Dreams

Eugene Gendlin
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Oct 2, 2019

Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams isn’t going to help you interpret your dreams quickly, but it will help you interpret them correctly. Eugene Gendlin’s technique is simple. You’ve got to feel something rather than think it. And while Gendlin does recommend a popular technique – working with others to free associate meanings so as to stumble upon one that resonates—he’s clear about the limits of this technique. The intellect is a slow tool, and language can’t reliably access dream meaning. Our bodies are the true knowers, Gendlin says. Offering a number of techniques to help us recognize certainty, the author is clear about the most important aspect of dream interpretation: trusting ourselves to discover why we dream what we dream.

Written by Michelle H.

I once knew someone who held the world record for leaning the farthest forward with her feet flat on the floor.