Monsters: A Love Story

Liz Kay
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Aug 17, 2016

Monsters: A Love Story features Stacey Lane, a published poet and mother of two young boys who is left in a state of bereavement and confusion after the tragic loss of her husband. Stacey has writer's block and feels totally lost and angry until she receives an email that will change her life. One of Stacey's novels in verse, Monsters in the Afterlife, has been bought by a successful Hollywood producer and Stacey is asked to come to Hollywood to work on the screenplay with the "baddest boy" in LA, Tommy DeMarco. 

Well, they say misery loves company and that's certainly the case when Stacey meets Tommy. It is obvious from the beginning that Stacey and Tommy are flawed, yet vulnerable and loveable characters. The main reason Stacey is brought to Hollywood is because Tommy read her book, saw himself in it, and thinks it's a masterpiece. Once there Stacey finds herself drawn to the notorious playboy and amid Hollywood meetings, screenwriting sessions and after work nightcaps, they find themselves in a passionate secret relationship. While both of them are monsters in their own way, you as the reader will find yourself falling for each of them. 

Ms. Kay has created a heartfelt, sometimes dark, but ultimately romantic story about what happens when two broken people come together. I was hung up on every moment of their messed up, chaotic relationship and rooting for them to the very end. 

Written by Debbie F.

My maiden name is Dugger and I grew up in Arkansas and no, I'm not related!!!