The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstern
Aug 11, 2016

When Le Cirque des Reves appears out of thin air, in the middle of the night, you can't help but be curious about what is inside. And once you step inside, you will not be disappointed. Intricately organized as an elaborate stage for two magicians - Marco and Celia - to compete on, the various tents and stages amaze the nightly visitors. However, the magicians don't know the full details of their competition, nor who they are competing against, and the story that unfolds is one of romance, magic and heartbreak. 

Erin Morgenstern has written a mesmerizing tale of forbidden love. The Night Circus bounces back and forth in time, travels the globe, includes not only Celia and Marco's story but also those of the other performers, the organizers and the visitors. It's extremely intricate and complicated with lots of layers. My only complaint is that I started the book, read a lot, stopped for a bit and found myself confused and lost once I picked it back up again. But it shouldn't be a problem for most people because it is so interesting you won't want to put it down. It reminded me of The Book of Speculation and The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Written by Library Staff