Point, Click, Love

Molly Shapiro
Feb 11, 2015

Chick lit grows up in this smart, insightful, and honest look at life as a middle-aged woman.  And it’s not the same middle age our mothers experienced.

Katie, newly divorced with two kids, finds that on-line dating is no less messy and confusing than marriage. Annie, who really didn’t know her Jewish boyfriend of six years would never marry her, is going to make her own dreams come true. Well, mostly. Maxine, perfect on the outside, not so much on the inside, seeks solace from her stale marriage in the most unlikely places. And Claudia, tired of her husband’s double life – the real one and the Facebook one – makes the mistake we all live in fear of...

Turns out, despite the tools available, life after divorce, career, or a tired marriage is no easier than it was before. While there are lots of interesting issues to consider, Point, Click, Love is still more chick lit than women’s fiction. In the end, things tie up nicely for Katie, Annie, Maxine and Claudia. And sometimes I think that’s OK for my fiction.

Written by Helen H.

I adore furry faces.