Ready Player One

Ernest Cline
Aug 4, 2014

The year: 2044. Wade Watts is among the millions across the globe searching for an Easter egg hidden within a massive multiplayer online game known as the OASIS. The game's deceased creator has left 240 billion dollars to be awarded to the first person who can find it. Players must have an extensive knowledge of 80s pop culture to have a chance at winning. Wade competes against opponents willing to kill in order to obtain the lucrative prize.

I do not generally read science fiction novels, but I stepped outside of my genre comfort zone to read Ready Player One and am glad I did. The storyline wasn't far-fetched and, having grown up in the 80s, I enjoyed the many references to 80s television shows, games, music and movies throughout the book. However, you don’t have to be a fan of the 80s to enjoy this book. There’s plenty of action to keep you engaged and the characters are relatable. The novel explores which life is best lived: cyberspace or reality. This sci-fi is worth reading. A film adaptation is in development.


Written by Library Staff