Buddha by Deepak Chopra

Rated by Sandra S.
May 19, 2011

Buddha by Deepak Chopra

Once again, Chopra brings to life an historic figure of faith, giving us a view of the humanity, the struggles and the triumphs of Buddha. It is a fascinating story of Prince Siddhartha, who takes on the monk’s life as Gautama, and eventually becomes Buddha, the enlightened one. We become acquainted with the key individuals in Buddha’s life - his father, King Suddhodana; his wife, Yashodhara; their son, Rahula; his archenemy, Devadatta; and his close friend, Channa.

I enjoyed the story – was entertained and learned some things – what I love about historical fiction!

Mar 23, 2011

Van Gelder begins her fast-paced memoir at an art camp when she’s fifteen. She has deluded herself into believing a boy she’s known for two weeks is her boyfriend. After they engage in what President Clinton evidently doesn’t consider sex, pseudo-boyfriend confesses that he has a real girlfriend back home. Van Gelder responds by dismantling a disposable razor blade, cutting her arms, and using her blood to finger paint a note to him reading, “Please. Don’t leave me. I need you.” The next 178 pages detail her rollercoaster life of pain as she struggles through many mental health